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Welsh Racing Acadamy Rotor 2-60

Elevate your performance with our Official Power Cranks Partner: ROTOR


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If you want to train like a pro, take a look at ROTOR’s power meter range. ROTOR are dedicated to improving your performance whilst on two wheels through the continuous creation of specialist, state of the art technology.

ROTOR have a strong presence in the World Tour as they supply cranks to NTT Pro Cycling and Ag2r La Mondiale teams. But it’s unique technology which make ROTOR the go-to power crank of choice for many cyclists around the world.

The Wales Racing Academy riders are currently using the ALDHU INSPIDER, the 2INpower track cranks, VEGAST and Kapic INSPIDER cranks. This partnership allows those looking to buy a power meter the chance to invest in the technology being used by the Wales Racing Academy and the opportunity to step up their training through increased accuracy and precision.

The INspider has integrated power measurement technology inside the spider, sampling combined left and right data to precisely record power output and cadence. Not only is it very easy to install and swap between bikes without compromising the accuracy, but it is also compatible with the complete range of ROTOR cranks. This power meter has been specifically designed and manufactured for strain gauge and electronics’ placement with optimized weight-stiffness ratio.

ROTOR’s INpower accurately measures power from the left leg via the axle and multiplies it by two to provide total power data. 2INpower® additionally measures power from the right leg via the right crank to provide precise data about power output and balance. Both of these include the unique TORQUE 360 feature to demonstrate where improvements can be made to pedaling performance to maximize pedaling efficiency. The INpower technology also possesses accelerometers for accurate crank angle position throughout the complete pedal stroke and has a measurement rate of 200 Hz.

Rotors power meters are designed with oval Q RINGS® in mind. Q RINGS® are oval chainrings designed to increase performance of cyclists by reducing the dead spots’ effect. Q RINGS® become smaller around the weak zones and larger around the strong zones. Q RINGS® have another advantage in that they reduce knee strain as there are less accelerations and decelerations due to knee speed remaining more of a constant. On top of this, ROTOR also have an app which gives you access to the most sophisticated metrics of ROTOR power meters.

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